This is a list of my friends! I love them all very much and they are all very epic. This list is in no particular order (except for Mimi being top because she is my number one friend)

Mimi, AKA Awhe!!!
Mimi is the very reason you are reading this. She is my best friend and she is the one who inspired me to make a site and she has been so so helpful, and not only in the site aspect, but she's helped me through a lot of tough times and I love her to death. She is so good at so many things it's amazing!!! Her art skill is insane, her writing skill is insane, her coding skill is insane, and she is creating a WHOLE ASS GAME!!!! SO COOL!!!! We have a very sisterly bond and I am coming to her Oblivion themed wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pissbunny AKA Bunny!!!!

Bunny is so cute omg I love her... Her streams are so much fun, please check them out above! She is so kind and also very funny! She is really smart too and often explains stuff to me, like banks and why autism piss has chemicals in it. Makes me smile a lot and she is just very good at cheering her friends on, she deserves the world!

Psx-enjoyer, AKA boomer!!!

The ultimate film enjoyer and very funny guy who is fond of grandma cardigans and old stuff, Psx-enjoyer is a very funny man who hates stock door sounds!!! Has a bit of a teasing personality but actually has a heart of gold. I want him to one day host a movie night with Neil Breen films in it. Oh, he's also a good cook judging from the pics on discord!


Nerve is like really based and epic, really good at coding and programming stuff and all around very funny. They're also really nice and their laughter is really epic. Really good taste in anime, and video games. Big fan of The Silver Case, which I swear I will play one day!!!!!!! Love having a conversation with them because they're so BASED


Incredibly good artist and a fellow enjoyer of anime and horror aesthetics, Bilexth/Moga is also so much fun to talk to and also just all around a very good person. It's fun to talk about language and art with her, and she has a lot of profound and interesting things to say. Her art inspires me a lot and I really want to be as good as she is one day!


Nyxem is like... ridiculously smart and always willing to help. Whenever a friend is in distress and needs some consoling he usually shows up to cheer them up! Very kind person but also super good at computer stuff. I always feel very glad whenever I see him typing because conversation with him is genuinely fun and he's also good at explaining stuff!


Enjoyer of language (and Mimi) and video games, Firestorm is a really epic guy who knows a lot about language and is a good person! Our conversations are sometimes pretty in depth (like when we talk about autism and adhd, or language) but sometimes the conversations are kinda weird (like that time I was trying to explain mail slot anatomy and Firestorm was like Sushi what are you talking about) but he's a very cool and funny guy!!!! Very based person too! Allegedly has an iq of 187!

She is always slaying and very very nice. Likes film too so watching films with her is always fun! We both share a fear of Psxenjoyer's cheeks clapping too much around us. Always has something nice or funny to say and shares wonderful memes! Also has the BEST reactions when somebody says something funny. She goes "oop-" or does the crying emoji and that always makes me smile!

In short, I am very rich and lucky to have such wonderful friends. A year ago I had absolutely no friends but then I met Mimi and now I feel like I belong somewhere even though my depression sometimes gets to me. I am just so grateful <3