My Art
My art!!!

This is my art! It's nothing extraordinary, but it is my passion :) This page is kinda a work in progress, I'll make it prettier soon!!!!

Pixel Art

I use Aseprite for pixel art and pixel animations!

Here is my Resource Site

I actually encourage people to use my pixel art on their profile if they'd like (idk why they would though because it's not the best because I am pretty much a noob) as much of it is fanart or fits the vibe of some pages I think! No credit necessary, I only ask you do not claim it as your own!



(reference) (reference)

Traditional Art

Digital Art

I use Paint Tool Sai 2 for my lineart and Clip studio paint for my colouring!
(unfinished lmao)

Art for others

This is art I've done for others! Please note that under no circumstances can you use this art unless you get permission from me and the persons whom I gifted them to. I will also watermark it (really ugly watermarks lmao) just to be safe because like uh... please don't use it!!!

Commission info will eventually probably go here if I ever open them again and if anyone is interested :)
26.7.23 - Finally created a proper page for my art lmao - I am hoping to hopefully create more pixel sprites soon when the mood hits me! I am currently working on something for my bestie but after that I'll probably make sprites for other fandoms!

Planned Fandoms for pixel art sprites
TTGL (in progress)
Higurashi (in progress)
Telltale's TWD (in progress)
Great Teacher Onizuka
Vinland Saga
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Silent Hill
Amnesia The Dark Descent
The Penumbra Series
Some more I am probably forgetting