The Lights in the sky are stars
music box
Dango Daikazoku (instrumental)
Shining in the sky
What is moe?
Taku Iwasaki
Love Conservative
Taku Iwasaki
The Avatar's Love
Jeremy Zuckerman
Sorairo Days (TTGL) 8 bit version
Studio Megaane
Childhood's end (TTGL) 8 bit version
Studio Megaane
Seed of tears, flower of smile (TTGL) 8 bit version
Studio Megaane
With your drills, pierce the heavens
Taku Iwasaki
Chain (Underwater mix)
Hideki Naganuma

The Lights In The Sky are Stars


Hello and welcome to my site!

This site is best viewed on desktop with a 1920x1080 resolution and using Firefox! It might look different on other browsers!

I'll keep the description short and sweet because frankly I am not a very exciting person LOL

Basically, I am an autistic woman in her mid twenties from Iceland! I have a few special interests (some of which I've dedicated pages to) and I love talking about them.

My best friend Mimi greatly inspired me and helped me a lot in getting started with this site, so my main intention was to have my own space to rant and rave about stuff I like!

I am very new to coding, before I started I knew nothing really. Mimi has been SO helpful and I am eternally grateful! I've got a lot to learn buuut I am having a lot of fun!

This site is under construction and will probably be under construction til the end of time if I'm honest. It's also probably really ugly if you use Chrome.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site <3


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